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The Bethany Village booth was very busy this past weekend at the Clarington Home Show!

Congrats and welcome to Heather, Greg and Greyson, our latest lot purchasers!




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Julia and Adam stopped by the Bethany Village booth at the Clarington Home Show on the weekend and purchased a lot in our Horizon’s Phase!

Congrats, and welcome to Bethany Village!





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This past weekend we welcomed Janine and Kelly to Bethany Village!



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Daily News 11 is reporting that Harrison Ford is moving to the Kawartha Lakes area:


The story reports that Harrison Ford is looking for a change of lifestyle and has visited Kawartha Lakes a couple times and is impressed with the people.

Keep in mind that “Daily News 11 is a fantasy news site.  Most articles on dailynews11.com are satire or pure fantasy.”

Regardless of the accuracy of the story, its exciting to think there is a chance that the man who played Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan might be moving into the area!





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Have you ever wished you had planned something more unique for Mother’s Day – something to show how special your Mom is? Well this may be exactly what you are looking for:

The 2016 Rolling Hills Studio Tour on the MAY 7th and 8th Mother’s Day Weekend.


Set your own pace on a free self-guided tour in the scenic rolling hills of the Oak Ridges region of the City of Kawartha Lakes

You can meet 14 artists and crafts people and see demonstrations of pottery, jewelry, gourd art, paintings, wood working, feather art, and more at the 9 featured studios.


Spring will certainly be in the air! Visit the website and set you own route. Take in the Quilt Show while you are there.

For More Information: 



(705) 277-2666 Bev Williams




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In a previous post we told you about Puddle Duck Farm and their offerings of cut flowers, honey, maple products, organic freezer meat and free range eggs.


But they have also been growing produce, selling it from the farm and also at local markets. In 2015 they began offering CSA shares, providing their members with weekly baskets of veggies and herbs.

Basically, a CSA is a partnership between consumers wanting good quality, safe food and farmers looking for stable markets.

As the consumer you pay the farmer a one-time fee (or share) prior to the start of growing season. This fee is determined by seed cost, equipment maintenance, property fees, tools, salaries, distribution costs, etc. In return, you receive weekly food boxes.


At Puddle Duck Farms they do not use any herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers on the produce. Instead, they build up the soil with manure, cover crops and other amendments, companion planting and lots of TLC to grow healthy strong plants, which grow nutritious produce free of chemicals.

They have 2 sizes of CSA shares available:

  • A full share which will feed a family of 4 or 2 veggie loving adults. The cost for a full share is $600, which works out to $30/week
  • A half share which feeds a family of 2 or 1 veggie loving adult. The cost for a half share is $400, which works out to $20/week

The shares will begin mid to late June and run for 20 weeks. You pick up your produce at the farm each week.

This type of program greatly reduces the waste involved in blindly growing food for an indeterminate number of people.

You can look forward to a wide variety of vegetables, including beets, carrots, radishes, potatoes, beans, peas, onions, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, peppers, kohlrabi, winter squash, zucchini, cucumber, winter radish, watermelon, lettuce, kale, Swiss chard and other greens, salad mix, plus more.

They also grow herbs; including basil, parsley dill, etc. Each week they include a newsletter, providing recipes for what is in the share that week, as well as preserving tips, nutritional information and they also highlight a veggie of the week.

If that is not enough encouragement to look into CSA shares, Puddle Duck Farm also hosts a Potluck lunch with the members who then get the chance to tour around the farm to see the gardens and meet the animals!

For more information, visit the website at http://www.puddleduckfarm.ca or call 705 931 5794.



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Meet Puddle Duck Farm owners Merridy Senior and Eben Hancock. Puddle Duck is a 100-year-old farm, purchased by the pair in 2012. Since then they have filled their days with working on house and barn improvements, caring for animals including cows, chickens, ducks, goats, and two cats. And in 2013 baby Sawyer joined the family.



The couple is not new to farming though. They actually began in 2009 when they became involved with running a local sugar bush just outside of Millbrook. The following spring, they added honeybee hives and discovered beekeeping. Finding Puddle Jump Farm to purchase was the next logical step.  

Now they focus on:  

Cut flowers – they planted 10,000 Gladiola bulbs the first year! Since then they have added sunflowers, zinnias, strawflowers, and asters. You can find their bouquets at the farm, community events, local markets, flower shops and the grocery store. 

Honey – their bees gather pollen and nectar from the wildflowers on the property. The Honey is unpasteurized and available in both liquid and cream form.  

Maple products – they have approximately 2000 taps to produce maple syrup at a sugar bush just outside of Millbrook. It takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup! In addition to maple syrup they produce maple butter, maple sugar candies, and granulated maple sugar.


If that was not enough, they also produce organic freezer meat and free range eggs.  All of the produce is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. 

Puddle Duck Farm also participates in a community farm, but that will be featured in another post!  

Connect with Puddle Duck Farm on Facebook at


Call them at (705) 931-5794
Visit the farm at 541 Glamorgan Rd., Millbrook, Ontario.

Send them an email puddleduckfarm@nexicom.net





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The Peterborough Men’s Ball Hockey Association is an 18+ ball hockey league and they are looking for more players! Sign up as a team or an individual.

Here is a picture of last years champions – The Red Rockets!


 The league has been running for 8 years and they are partnered with the Ontario Ball Hockey Association.

 They play games out of the Milbrook arena every Tuesday night between 7pm – 10pm, starting April 19th, and running until August 16th. 

4 Needlers Lane, Millbrook, On, L0A 1G0

The fee to play is $1800 per team or $115 per individual.

For more info connect with Codie McColl at codiemccoll10@hotmail.com




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Summary of April 9th, 2016 The Next Country Music Star Talent Search 

It’s been said that the music makers are the maker of dreams, and the performers for the April 9th evening of The Next Country Music Star Talent Search demonstrated that when you face the sunshine there are no shadows.

The show featured a diverse group of performers of all ages and experience bonded by one thing in common: Their dreams and the journey to reach their dreams which united them in Bethany and inspired an audience lucky enough to attend this special evening.

Monique Gatien gained everyone’s admiration for her determination. Generally sharing the stage with her guitar playing brother she was challenged in his absence not only to sing solo but also to accompany herself on a borrowed guitar. The judges commented on her gentle, pitch perfect vocals, encouraged her to gain more stage experience and welcomed her back to next year’s auditions. She won the distinction of being the first tagged contestant for 2017!

Anthony Tullo, of Oakville, Ontario displayed another facet of the what it takes to reach your dream. Not only has Anthony defined his dream but he’s a do-er, with an impressive social media following. One judge described his unique and polished style in an all-original set as a “country sounding Bruce Springsteen”.

When you watch and listen to Sacha on stage you can honestly say you’ve been inspired by a dreamer with a courageous, inspiring and creative soul. Currently living in Oshawa, Ontario, Sacha is a natural story teller. Her set was a finely crafted musical message reminding us that if we don’t have a dream then we can’t make one come true. The judges were unanimous in their praise of her and her band’s performance. The audience was too. She epitomized what Country is all about in her songs and in her character.

Krista Earle, also from Oakville, Ontario was equally inspiring, singing dreams into songs. The judges favorably commented on the tightness of her band, on her well-crafted original songs and her professional stage presence which was fun to watch. She showed everyone that we grow great by dreams.

Every dream requires effort and courage to venture into the unknown, continuously challenging and testing your skills. Chantal Preston has already proven she has such grit as a modern day troubadour in Orillia, Ontario. She brought the room to their feet in a standing ovation for her rendition of Girl Crush, sung almost acapella with only a very soft acoustic guitar accompaniment. The judges praised her distinctive talent as a songwriter/ lyricist.

The final performance was delivered by the most optimistic dreamers of the evening Rayzor’s Edge. This Warkworth, Ontario, duo delighted the audience with their country folksy style mix of original and cover songs, reminiscent of Stomping Tom Connors. They have embarked on their musical dream at a later stage than the other performers, as their time was committed to earning a living for their families, but the call of music is strong and their dream cannot be ignored any more. The judges and audience loved their original material.

The winning act for April 9th was awarded to Sacha who will return to The Ranch Resort on April 23rd along with other selected semi-finalists.

Very special thanks are given to our judges of April 9th: Jen Goheen, Bruce Sutton, Jamie Spurvey and guest judge Cathy Faint.

Yamaha Canada Music’s drummer of the evening was awarded the Steve: the drummer with Sacha.

The winners of the audience prizes were: Brian Thackerey of Omemee taking home the Moosehead man cave night light and Janet Newhook of Janetville receiving two day passes to 2016 The Havelock Country Jamboree.


Summary of April 2nd, 2016 The Next Country Music Star Talent Search

Plaid shirts and beards were in fashion with all the performers, except one. It seemed as if the lumberjacks had cleared camp and journeyed down to The Next Country Music Star Talent Search. But for these bearded boys, the axes were musical and the wooden sticks kept a steady beat.

The Rob Watts Band, from Barrie, Ontario stepped on stage first. They warmed the room with a sound reminiscent of all the good times hanging around with friends on a warm summer evening at the local fishing hole. The judges enjoyed their dynamic sound and they received praise for their original material, especially for One Last Beer and Do You Have A Dream.

Next to perform was Kingston, Ontario resident Kyle Dunn, unplugged. Rather than bow out of the competition because his brother, the drummer, was away writing final exams at university, Kyle made the brave decision to acoustically showcase his songwriting skills on his own without his band. His courage impressed the judges who praised both his commitment as a performer and his skill as a songwriter.

Dean James and his band stepped on to the stage and demonstrated why this rising country star from Peterborough is gaining new fans whenever and wherever he performs. Not only was Dean praised for his showmanship and ability to grab at the audience’s attention, but the band was also singled out by the judges for their exceptional musical skills.

Nicole Mastrangelo stood out too, not just because she wasn’t wearing a plaid shirt. She has a smile that lights up a room brighter than a logger’s camp fire. The audience went wild with her version of My Church, earning her a standing ovation. The judges encouraged Nicole to keep working on her stage style and to continue to hone her songwriting skills. They all predicted with a bit more experience this 19yr old from Eniskillen could be a rising star in short time.

The final act of the night brought the beards and plaid shirts back on stage along with a whole lot more. The Kris Barclay Band not only looked like they were having fun but they also delivered a fun, energetic set that had the audience’s full attention. They were commended by the judges for their showmanship and songwriting skills. The judges particularly singled out their original song Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades as being radio ready.

The winning act for April 2nd was awarded to The Kris Barclay Band who will return to The Ranch Resort on April 23rd along with other selected semi-finalists. A Wild Card entry into the semi-finals was given to Dean James. 

Very special thanks are given to our judges of April 2nd: Jen Goheen, Bruce Sutton, Jamie Spurvey and guest judge Corrine Dayman.

Yamaha Canada Music’s drummer of the evening was awarded to the drummer of The Kris Barclay Band, and also to Jody Anderson keeping the beat for Dean James.

Justin of The Kris Barclay Band was the MC’s choice for best beard of the night.

The winners of the audience prizes were: Liz Cochrane taking home the Moosehead Umbrella and Mary Flaherty receiving two day passes to 2016 The Havelock Country Jamboree.

Summary of March 26th, 2016 The Next Country Music Star Talent Search

The long weekend didn’t hamper any interest in the fourth evening of preliminary auditions for The Next Country Music Star Talent Search. And no Easter hunting was necessary to find an abundance of talent that night at The Ranch Resort.

Everyone was treated to a very special guest appearance by 12 year old musical wunderkind Tyler Lorette, of Durham Region, who sang two songs before the competition. Although his guitar threatened to hide him from view, his lyrical interpretations and pitch perfect voice filled the room.

Aja Shipperley, of Oshawa, Ontario opened the evening. Her remarkable voice carries her beyond country. The judges declared that she was the best vocalist they have heard in the two years of this competition.

Kevin Parrish came onstage next from the dark and the cold, literally. This Orangeville, Ontario area resident had been without power since the ice storm struck the region last Thursday. Warm-up took on a new meaning for this classic country singer! The judges encouraged him to continue song-writing and to work on developing his own unique vocal sound, capitalizing on his rich deep baritone voice.

There was a strong crowd from Bancroft, Ontario cheering on Kirk Bates. By the end of his performance he had gained even more fans. You could feel the passion that he has for classic country music. He impressed the judges with his original songs, his interpretation of covers, his effortless stage presence and vocal control.

The mood of the evening perked up when the first of two bands took to the stage.

Sandi Skye of Ottawa , Ontario was just as vibrant as her blazing red hair and her band delivered a well-rehearsed, and well-delivered performance. Their original songs received glowing praise, the drummer received a new and well-earned nickname; The Internal Clock and the judges also commended them on their entertaining set.

The final performance of the evening was delivered by Rudy & Saddle Up, from the Kingston, Ontario area whose music and showmanship galloped into the room and caused a dancing stampede. There was no denying that the judges were impressed with their high energy, and their ability to work up a room.

The winning act for March 26th was awarded to Sandi Skye who will return to The Ranch Resort on April 23rd along with other selected semi-finalists. A Wild Card entry into the semi-finals was given to Kevin Bates.

Very special thanks are given to our judges of March 26th: Jen Goheen, Bruce Sutton, Jamie Spurvey and filling in at the last moment, Moxie.

Yamaha Canada Music’s drummer of the evening was awarded to Chris, The Internal Clock from The Sandi Skye Band.

The winners of the audience prizes were: Mike Clark of Bethany taking home the Moosehead wall thermometer and Nicole Standon of Kingston receiving two day passes to 2016 The Havelock Country Jamboree.

The April 2nd performers are:

  • Rob Watts Band
  • Alyssa Barron
  • Dean James Band
  • Nicole Mastrangelo
  • Kris Barclay Band



Summary of March 19th, 2016 The Next Country Music Star Talent Search 

Those attending the third evening of The Next Country Music Star Talent Search were treated to not just an evening of great music but also to a preview of what an evening line-up at The Havelock Country Jamboree might be in the not so far away future.

The night opened with Dave Bush entertaining everyone with his cheeky lampoons of country hits, singing about the trials of parenthood, on being a good husband and on the challenges of keeping on the straight and narrow path. The judges were unanimous in their praise. In one thirty-minute set, Dave became a country comic rising star.

The evening continued to rev up with the appearance of The Ben Hudson Band from Uxbridge, Ontario on stage. There was an immediate gasp when Ben opened his set with the lowest and most electrifying country vocal bass note you will ever hear! The judges were superlative in their admiration of Ben’s effortless voice, the band’s outstanding guitar playing and stage presence.

South of 7, took to the stage next and presented a well-rehearsed, fun set of strong original material blended with well-known covers, re-worked to their unique style. This is a band, originating from The Bay of Quinte, that is on a fast-rising course: one judge commented that they are getting even more stronger each time she sees them perform. They received high praise for their original material, as well as on their blended vocals and instrumentation.

Straight from the accolades of Nashville, 17year old Augusta Ray, of Richmond Hill, Ontario showed everyone attending on March 19th why she has received so much favorable attention here and south of the border. Although the judges had hoped to hear to hear more of her country style, they were nevertheless impressed with her old soul presence, her commanding vocals and the tightness of her band.

The battle of the bands did not let up. The audience was geared up for the final act of the evening. The Jordy Jackson Band, from north of Kingston, launched a dynamic set bursting with musical & vocal skills, entertaining choreography & engaging stage presence. They were commended by the judges on their well written originals, song choices and their connection to the audience.

The winning act for March 19th was awarded to The Jordy Jackson Band who will return to The Ranch Resort on April 23rd along with other selected semi-finalists.

Very special thanks are given to our judges of March 19th:, Jen Goheen, Bruce Sutton, Mamie Miller of Catherine Faint Entertainment and Jan Schoute.

Yamaha Canada Music’s drummer of the evening was awarded to Ira of The Jordy Jackson Band.

The winners of the audience prizes were: Tom Wilkins of Peterborough taking home the Moosehead wall thermometer and Tim Gourley of Bethany receiving two day passes to 2016 The Havelock Country Jamboree.

The March 26th performers are:

  • Aja Shipperley
  • Kevin Parrish
  • Kirk Bates
  • Sandy Skye
  • Rudy & Saddle-Up


Summary of March 12th, 2016 The Next Country Music Star Talent Search

The second evening of The Next Country Music Star Talent Search proved that the talent pool for country music in Ontario is incredibly strong and growing.

Most of the competitors were barely into their twenties, causing one audience member to comment that they were wearing cowboy boots older than most of the contestants.

A last moment scratch from one of the scheduled performers allowed the audience to be entertained by Jan Schoute, one of two guest judges on the adjudicating panel, before the rest of the contestants took to the stage. Jan has earned the respect of the music community in and around Ontario. He is not only a talented troubadour, but has achieved longevity in a very challenging profession. This experience was an asset in providing knowledgeable feedback and advice throughout the evening.

The second guest judge, Kim Stoneburg, was equally as knowledgeable. As tour manager for Aaron Pritchett and One More girl, Kim was able to share advice on how to command the big stage.

18 year old Cameron von Criegern, a Peterborough high school student, impressed all the judges with his classic country vocal style that caused one to comment that they felt goose bumps running up and down their arms, and another to say that if they were Simon Cowell they would be telling him that he’s going to Hollywood. All agreed they would love to hear him play with the backing of a band and all predicted that Cameron had a bright future in Country music.

The next entertainer, 18 year old Brooklyn Roebuck from Chatham Ontario, showed everyone in the building what a big stage performance was all about. With the backing of a well-rehearsed and talented band she performed an energetic and edgy 30-minute uninterrupted set of original and cover songs. It left the judges with nothing more to say than “That’s exactly what we’re looking for!”

The popular Peterborough band, Train WreckX, kept the momentum on track with a tight and cohesive set, featuring fender bending guitar solos from 16year old Kyle Renton. They were given high praise by the judges for entertaining the whole room with their unique country rock’n roll style.

The evening ended with yet another strong band, Whiskey Avenue, bringing with them a rebellious traditional country sound. Hailing from the Kingston area, they delivered a tight, toe-tapping performance that got people off their chairs and on to the dance floor. They received praise from the judges for their stage presence and on how they were able to transform brief technical difficulties into a performance strength.

In a unanimous decision, Brooklyn Roebuck was declared the evening’s winner and will advance to the semi-finals on April 23rd.

Very special thanks are given to our judges of March 12th: Kim Stoneburg, Chad Kalbfleisch, Bruce Sutton, and Jan Schoute.

Extra special thanks are extended to the parents of these talented, dedicated and young performers, who believe in their children’s dreams, and work long hours too in helping to make these dreams come true. We all benefit from their fierce dedication.

The winners of the audience prizes were: Kevin Kerry of Peterborough taking home the Moosehead patio umbrella and Maureen Renton of Baltimore receiving two day passes to 2016 The Havelock Country Jamboree.


March 5th, 2016 The Next Country Music Star Talent Search

March roared in like a lion more than once last week in Bethany: first when over 20cm of snow fell overnight on March 1st and again on March 5th, the opening night of the 2016 season of The Next Country Music Star Talent Search at The Ranch Resort.

Fortunately, it was talent that stormed into Bethany on March 5th, attracting a sold out audience who were anticipating an evening of fine music, fine food and fine hospitality, and were not disappointed.

The night opened with Elyse Saunders setting a standard of music and performance style that would challenge the rest of the evening’s competitors. The audience was completely entertained by her songwriting skills, confident presence on stage and the musical talent of her band. The judges were equally impressed with her strong professional stage presence.

David Byrski performed next. A multi-talented musician, he won the crowd’s complete attention with his captivating vocals and guitar solos. The judges appreciated his classic country sound and complimented him on his choice of original and cover songs.

19 year old Amanda Jordan was the youngest performer of the evening, yet demonstrated that she has accomplished more than many people twice her age. The room was silenced by her gentle sweet voice and the power of her lyrics. She received unanimous compliments from the judges for her singing skills and songwriting talent.

The March storm returned as Sara Silver took to the stage. One judge commented: “You may be called Sara Silver but your voice is golden.” She blew the roof off the building and astonished the judges and audience with her powerful and blues-y vocal artistry.

While it’s thought that if March comes in like a storm it will leave like a lamb, The Jesse Slack Band completely shattered that theory. It was quite clear from the moment they struck the first note onstage that they were here to win, and they hit all the judging benchmarks with a set that was not only engaging and entertaining, but showcased their skills as musicians, songwriters and performers.

It was a lively way to end the evening and it won The Jesse Slack Band the chance to advance to the semi-final round. David Byrski was awarded one of the three Wild Card entries into the semi-finals

Very special thanks go out to our judges, Jen Goheen, Chad Kalbfleisch, Bruce Sutton, and guest judge Bob Marek, owner of The Bourbon Barrel Saloon in Peterborough. They faced the difficult challenge of having to select a winner from among the March 5th performers.

The overall winner of the evening, advancing to the semi-final round, was The Jesse Slack Band. A Wild Card was awarded to David Byrski, who also advances to the semi-finals scheduled for April 23rd, 2016.





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