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During my last, very quick trip to Bethany, we decided to try out the new restaurant that took over for Aunt Dee’s.

Buttertarts n’ More Family Restaurant has been open since April , right in the centre of  town on Hwy 7A.

There are a few changes to the decor such as new chairs and tables, but the most noticeable are the display of jams and pickled beets (and pickled eggs, which I’m not too keen on trying, FYI) and the counter filled with butter tarts!  Yes, there is a BAKE SHOP included in the new restaurant in town!

Both Jeff and I tried the all-day breakfast, which is our usual when stopping in Bethany.  I was happy to see there are Eggs Benedict on the menu and the Hollandaise sauce is really good – thick and creamy without being too rich.  We found the service to be quick and friendly, essential for a small town diner.

buttertartsI don’t have a sweet tooth so the bake shop is really lost on me, but we bought some butter tarts for friends who assured me they were delicious.

Buttertarts n’More have two other locations – one in Little Britain and the other at Hwy 7 at Elm Tree Rd in Oakwood

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