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Winter is a wonderland if you enjoy winter sports. And staying active with your family and friends helps to keep you physically and mentally fit.

devils elbow

Devil’s Elbow Ski Area

The Kawartha Ski and Snowboard School can get you started no matter what your age or skiing/snowboarding level.

The staff are certified by the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance and can provide the right instruction no matter what level you are at: a newbie, an intermediate skier, or an experienced skier who has reached a plateau. Too shy for the small group lessons? Then consider a few private lessons to get your started.

Check out the website to get all of the details on programs starting at Kinder Ski to learning to ski in a weekend. There are also ski camps for every special holiday – all the way to March Break and Easter.

Some people prefer snowboarding. But don’t be fooled into thinking it is so simple you can do without a lesson or two. A qualified snowboard instructor will teach you to ride safely without the trial and error of trying to learn on your own. Learn to snowboard in a group, at a camp, on the weekend, or with a private lesson.


Registration is easy and you can do it all online at the school’s website at http://www.ksnowschool.com/register/. The Registration Wizard shows you all of the available programs and corresponding time slots, based on the age of the student.

Skiing and snowboarding depend on a critical element – SNOW! So check out the website and stay in touch with the school to ensure you don’t miss any of the fun.

Kawartha Ski and Snowboard School is located at Devil’s Elbow Ski and Snowboard Area

Devil’s Elbow, 878 Bethany Hills Road, Bethany, ON(705) 277-1533



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Great news for the quilters in the area, a new Quilt Shop has opened in Bethany!

From the Heart Quilt Shop, owned by Cyndy Manol, opened on December 3 after completing the construction of a beautiful new home for the store.


From The Heart Quilt Shop

Natural light, a stone fireplace, and beautiful views create a welcoming atmosphere. A classroom, design wall, and what feels like miles of beautiful fabrics will leave you with a sense of awe at the sheer beauty of the store.

Premium fabrics and supplies include Maywood Woolies, Japanese fabrics, Tulip Needles, Hand Dyed Wool, Organic Cotton, Aurifil thread, Crabapple Hill patterns and much more. In addition you will find friendly knowledgeable staff to answer your questions or even fill out a gift certificate for your favorite quilter.


Inside From The Heart Quilt Shop

If you really want to know what a business is like, read some reviews!

Marnie Mitchell wrote:

“My daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter and myself stopped at your Quilt shop on Saturday and just loved it. We picked up our Row by Row pattern and kit and just browsed. What an amazing place, beautiful fabric and patterns, fantastic quilts displayed all over both inside and out and the yummiest chocolate chip cookies!!! Thanks Ladies for the great experience, we will be back.”

 Jenn Ford wrote:

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the ladies at From The Heart Quilt Shop. I approached the Cynthia & Penny to help figure out a project that was very special and very personal. Some local kiddos from the neighboring school were missing their teacher very much and wanted to do something special, so the idea of a quilt was born. But we knew very little about them, how to make them, what is involved – really nothing. The whole process was so amazing – they guided us through every step. The kids all made patches and the completed quilt left me speechless. Every detail was perfect, in fact, the day we showed the kids, almost immediately, a little one mentioned that the stitching was in the form of a heart. It was perfect. From the bottom of our hearts, from all the kids and all the teachers who had a part in this – Thank you so very much.”


The Classroom at From The Heart Quilt Shop

The store is easy to find on the South Side of Hwy 7A at 1436 Highway 7A, Bethany, Ontario    Phone: (705) 277-2934

Check out their FaceBook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/From-The-Heart-Quilt-Shop/595585070561590

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“I thought the pain would go away!”

Have you ever had some aches and pains and uttered the classic 6 words? “I thought it would go away!”

Well, Dr. Larry, as the local Chiropractor is known, wants to caution us against uttering those words!


He knows all too well how a person – young or old – can suffer needlessly when in fact an appointment with him or his staff could make all the difference in the world. Why let a situation get out of hand and actually get worse when effective treatments are available?

The Cavan Chiropractic Clinic – just east of Bethany – offers a well-rounded approach to your care, using procedures such as spinal adjustments, muscle stimulation, electro-acupressure, therapeutic ultrasound, soft-tissue therapy, and exercise rehabilitation.


Common conditions treated include back, neck and headache complaints, as well as shoulder, knee, ankle and hip problems.

The clinic proudly provides service to the local community, including everyone from children to seniors.

The home-based office is located in the beautiful hills of Cavan. Often appointments can be arranged for the same day. Many health insurance plans are accepted including WSIB if you are injured on the job as well as Veteran’s Affairs.

Or why not book a massage? Massage has been proven to reduce muscle tension, relieve chronic pain and provide relaxation and stress relief.


Flexible hours make it easy to book an appointment including Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 7:00.

Call the staff at the Cavan Chiropractic clinic at 705-944-8964 or visit them at 1493 Tapley Quarter Line, Cavan, ON L0A 1C0 or online at  www.cavanchiropractic.ca

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Finally, summer has arrived and the kids are out of school. If you are wondering what do both during the week and on the weekends there is one perfect option: Sandaraska Park.

Before we describe the typical attractions you will find at Sandaraska, let’s look at a truly unique option – camping with your horse! Yes, you read that correctly.


Sandaraska Park offers a camping experience for horse owners. Book a camping site and have access to almost 11,000 acres of forest with hundreds of kilometers of trail within the Ganaraska Forest. Memberships and day passes are available. Be sure to make reservations though to secure your site with hydro, water and a horse pen. And all sizes of horse trailers can be accommodated!


Check out the photo gallery at http://www.sandaraskapark.ca/equestrian-photo-gallery

Don’t own a horse? No problem, because with 200 acres in the park itself, there is more than enough to do for families.

Why not go camping? Choose from the 219 large shady or open campsites. Pick daily, weekly or seasonal sites with close access to clean washrooms, hot showers, flush toilets and even a new laundry facility.

The kids can still run off energy playing in the two playgrounds, playhouse or swimming in the heated salt water pool. They can participate in events and activities organized for all ages. Or play basketball, horseshoes or go hiking.

In the evening consider sitting around the fire pits, roasting marshmallows or telling tall tales.


No matter what your outdoor activity preference is, you will find it at Sandaraska Park.

The park is a short drive from Bethany at 156 Sandaraska Road, Pontypool, ON L0A 1K0, 705.277.2000.

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Originally, “The grass was always greener on the other sider of the fence” implying life was better at your neighbour’s!

But it is spring and the saying out in the country is, “The grass is always greener over the septic bed!”


Many properties have a septic bed – a private sewage treatment system, commonly found in rural areas where there aren’t any municipal sewage systems available. Bethany Village is one of these areas.

A properly designed, built and maintained system can reduce or eliminate most human health or environmental threats posed by pollutants in household wastewater.

There are many different types of septic systems designed to fit a wide range of soil and site conditions:

  • A standard septic tank system has a septic tank, drain field and soil.
  • Gravity drain fields work by allowing gravity to drain sewage from the tank into the trenches.
  • Pressure distribution systems are installed when there is less than optimal soil depth, requiring a pump to work.
  • Other systems utilized include sand filters, used when there is minimal soil available, or a mound system used when there is inadequate soil depth.

Locally, Mike Clark Excavating and his team of professionals have been serving the Bethany area since 1983. They have years of experience in all areas of septic systems. They are able to handle your needs including inspection, maintenance or installation.


No matter which system you have or wish to install, the most important factor to remember is regular, professional inspection, maintenance and pumping to keep your system working efficiently for years to come.

Additional services include repair and installation of complete systems, septic pumping, portable toilet rentals and excavating.


Service is available Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, contact Mike Clark Excavating, Septic Pumping and Portable Toilet Rentals at 587 Gray Road, Bethany, ON L0A 1A0.

Tel.: 705-277-3077/1-888-320-7818.

Email: pooqueen7@gmail.com

Website: http://mikeclarksepticandexcavating.ca/Home.aspx

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Your pets will probably be spending more time outdoors with the warmer weather approaching.  Spring is the time to think about some proactive health care for your dog or cat including prevention for flees and heart worm disease. Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic is here to help make this a healthy spring and summer for your pets.

Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic is a 24/7 Animal Hospital providing veterinary services to Kawartha Lakes and the surrounding areas – just a short drive from downtown Bethany.


Founded in 1995 by Dr. Richard Maser, the lead veterinary doctor and practice owner of the clinic, Cavan Hills employs a team of over 30 highly qualified doctors, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants. The team of professionals is trained to provide the best possible medical attention to their pet patients.

Some of the services available at Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic include emergency care, preventative medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic services, radiology services, surgical and anaesthesia services, dentistry, laboratory, bathing and individualized flea control programs, permanent identification, pharmacy, dietary counselling, behavioural counselling and boarding.

One of the main features that set Cavan Hills apart from other veterinary clinics is their unique approach to disease treatment. They always stress the importance of preventative care and encourage pet owners to ask questions and express their concerns. This ensures the staff is able to assist their pet owning clients in better understanding the needs of their pets. At Cavan Hills they conveniently have all their medical amenities and services under one roof.


Senior pets have many unique challenges: obesity, arthritis, dental disease, cancer, incontinence, cognitive issues, renal disease, heart problems, diabetes, hearing and vision loss – alas, they are some of the same challenges many of us encounter as we age!

Dr. Maser notes, “As dogs are living longer, we are seeing more ailments that we tend to associate with older humans.”  A strong focus on preventive care, an emphasis on dogs as family members, improved nutrition, and spaying and neutering have all contributed to canine longevity.

Cavan Hills hopes Kawartha Lake pet owners will consider them when choosing the best possible care for their pet. They have an informative website (www.cavanhillsvet.com) which provides visitors with a clear sense of their services and offers health care information that will support them in caring for their pets.

If you happen to have a situation that requires emergency veterinary services, you can call local 705-944-5776 or toll free 1-800-501-5967.  You will have the peace of mind knowing Cavan Hills charges no additional fees for emergencies or after hours care. They are there to help!

Call them anytime day or night, 24/7.

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services


303 Hwy 7A,Cavan, ON, L0A 1C0 – Phone : (705) 944-5776

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South Pond Farms is one of the Kawartha Lakes’ best-kept secrets. Nestled in the rolling fields of Bethany Hills, South Pond Farms provides breathtaking scenery and excellent accommodations. It is an ideal and picturesque location for weddings and other special events.


Their unique wedding venue – complete with a charming barn, fields and pond – would provide a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony, reception and photographs. The knowledgeable staff can provide a variety of options to choose from, including some great ideas for outdoor weddings or small weddings. Their in-house event planning team can simplify the planning process by taking care of food and flowers. They can also recommend suggestions for music, entertainment and photography.


But if planning a wedding isn’t on your to do list South Pond Farms also offers farm fresh dinners, group workshops, corporate and special events.

The South Pond Supper Club is a fantastic way to experience local fare presented in unique ways. Menus are posted online two weeks prior to the dinner and they are always happy to accommodate gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Upcoming Supper Club events include Where the Wild Things Are (May 21st), featuring locally sourced wild greens, and A Trip to the Greek Islands (June 25th), which features a Mediterranean themed dinner.

Other upcoming events include concerts, fashion shows, an art show and sale, and a variety of workshops including concrete sculpting, pottery pit firing, and silk scarf dyeing. At South Pond Farms they’ve created workshops that combine local interests with Bethany’s uniqueness: artisanal food and cooking classes, art and culture, and more. Bring together your group for an unforgettable opportunity to learn something new!

And even though spring has sprung, preparations are already underway for their annual Christmas in the Country event being held on Saturday, December 5, 2015. This is worth noting since you have to book early! You can join them for a festive family day of tree decorating, ornament making, winter hiking, and snowshoeing. And because it’s a South Pond Farms event you can be sure there will be delicious food and drinks such as mulled wine, German sausages, homemade delicacies, and maple snow taffy.

If any of this has piqued your interest South Pond Farms’ website offers delicious local recipes, an FAQ section, and contact information. Signup for their mailing list or request an information package today!

South Pond Farms, 1020 Gray Road, Pontypool, Ontario L0A 1K0 705-277-1649



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A small start to a large and wonderful tradition!

Maple syrup is often referred to as the first agricultural crop of the year. The process can begin when there is still a large amount of snow on the ground, as long as the temperature is right. The flow of maple sap is a much better indicator of spring than the ground hog!


Moore’s Maple Syrup is available in many different sizes.

I recently spoke with Jim and Carolyn Moore, who began producing maple syrup in 1985. All good stories have a beginning – and it began with 25 taps on the maple trees along their driveway. They boiled the sap down in an enormous cast iron pot outdoors over an open fire. The result? 19 litres of smoky, dark and delicious syrup!


I couldn’t resist adding a picture of myself enjoying Sunday morning pancakes with Moore’s Maple Syrup!

The next year they tapped 100 trees, using a variety of pails to collect the sap, followed by boiling in an old flat bottomed pan on a homemade furnace. Three short years after their first efforts they went all out and tapped the whole 17 acre maple bush!  They installed pipeline, and renovated a farm shed to be a sugar shack for their new stainless steel evaporator.


The Moore’s Maple Syrup Shack in action!

Now, for more than 27 years they have produced around 900 litres per year from 1,000 taps.

Depending on the weather, they generally tap in early March, and boil whenever the sap runs — anytime up to mid-April, whenever nights are freezing and days are above 0.

I asked how much sap was needed to produce 1 litre of syrup and I was amazed at the answer – 40 litres of sap produces 1 litre of syrup! That is a lot of sap, a lot of boiling, and a LOT of firewood!


Jim Moore tending to the Sugar Shack fire!

Right now Jim and Carolyn are tapping the trees, helped out by their two sons from Toronto.  They will be working on snowshoes because the snow is unusually deep.

After the tapping it will be time to focus their energy on washing the collection tanks, re-washing and re-assembling the evaporator, and generally getting everything ship-shape for the first boil.  The race is on to be ready for the first good sap run!


Fun for the whole family at Moore’s Maple Syrup Farm!

The sap comes out of the tree with a sugar content of approximately 2.5%. It is then boiled until it reaches a sugar content of between 66% and 67.5% – a huge difference!

Don’t miss your chance to get some of this year’s fresh, local natural maple syrup.

$7 for 250ml

$12 for 500 ml

$21 for 1 litre

$64 for 4 litres

To order call 705-277-3471 or email Jim and Carolyn at moore.jc6@gmail.com

Tell them Jeff sent you!


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As the end of February approaches there is still plenty of time left to get out and enjoy one of the benefits of the winter we are having – the snow!

Devils Elbow Ski Chalet

The Ski Chalet at Devil’s Elbow.

Bethany is home to one of the finest winter attractions of the Kawarthas – Devil’s Elbow Ski Area, which is just a short drive from Peterborough, Lindsay, Port Hope, Oshawa, and Toronto.

Devil’s Elbow is known for offering fantastic conditions and one of the longest ski seasons in Ontario. Open through March, it offers an excellent March Break destination for families looking to get out. And with six chairlifts (4 quad and 2 double) ready to whisk you to the top of the hill, lineups aren’t a problem (unlike the airports!)

You don’t have to be an Olympic skier to enjoy the Elbow. It offers a family friendly atmosphere, and with 85 skiable acres, plenty of room and hours of fun for skiers and snowboarders of every experience level. Speed down Satan’s Run or take it easy on the Bunny Hill – with 14 trails there’s something for everyone! The state of the art snowmaking and grooming equipment ensure the best possible conditions every day of the ski season.

The Slopes at Devil's Elbow.

Aerial view of the slopes at Devil’s Elbow.

If downhill skiing is not your passion Devil’s Elbow caters to Nordic skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts with 8.5 km of trail winding through a sheltered evergreen and hardwood forest.

You can also visit the Pro Shop for a tune-up of your skis or snowboard. If you’re new to the sport, or looking for an upgrade, the latest equipment and accessories are available for sale.  And of course ski and snowboard rental equipment is available by the day.

All that activity can make you hungry and if you need a bite to eat Devil’s Elbow features “The Grill.” Located in their spacious, two-story day lodge overlooking the ski hills, “The Grill” offers a wide variety of freshly prepared hot and cold foods and beverages. There are few better ways to warm up than with a cup of their delicious hot chocolate or coffee best enjoyed by the stone fireplace!

Devil’s Elbow offers the option of skiing for the full day or 3 hours. They also offer economical season passes, 8-packs of passes, and group discounts.

Just learning the sport? Then join their Ski School for less experienced skiers and snowboarders. Or if you are experienced and looking to get into racing their qualified CSIA instructors teach classes in alpine, snowboard and junior racing.


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Part 3 – Councillor Heather Stauble on Bethany

Live, Stay and Play

Along with her focus on the wind turbine issue, I discussed other matters concerning Bethany with Ms. Stauble, as well as her hopes and plans for the area.

*There are plans to continue to improve roads and opportunities for agri-business.  Helping to promote business leads to more jobs for the area and an improved lifestyle for everyone.

hwy 407

Highway 407 expansion map

*The expansion of Highway 407 in the future will help with the commute to the GTA, as will the GO Train coming into the area, with a stop in nearby Cavan.

grain elevator

grain elevator in Pontypool, Ontario

*There is talk of the Manvers Historical Society restoring the grain elevator in Pontypool, a welcome sight for everyone.

*Hopes for a Farmers’ Market in Bethany.  Along with locally grown products, the area has such a rich artistic culture (link to studio tour)     that an arts and crafts section of a market would bring in fans and more traffic.

*Continual promotion of local businesses.  There are quite a few local businesses proving exemplary services for the community and those    passing through.  A few examples are Southpond, Me vs We, Heaven on Seven – just to name a few.  All need constant support, promotion and encouragement.

Councillor Stauble would like Bethany to be a place people can come back to.  She wants others to help, encourage and improve the community, to allow others to see the many positive aspects for the community.  Her motto is to live, stay and play in Bethany.

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