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Did you know that the first Saturday of December has officially been designated as Christmas Tree Day in Canada?

The Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario and the Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association made the declaration in 2012, helping families to have a specific day each year to go out and find the perfect tree for the holidays.

If you love a real Christmas tree you can cut your own, buy one already cut, or a new trend…buy one that is alive!

In the last blog I talked about the “Living Christmas Tree” but that was about an actual production with a choir, music and lights. While researching for that blog, I realized there is also a trend towards ‘living Christmas trees’ which are literally live trees that can be bought. After the holidays are over, the tree can be planted outside.

There is a lot to consider if you are thinking of using a live potted tree. For example, you will have to accommodate a live root ball which can be very heavy… weighing as much as 65 kilograms.

Ten days is the maximum that a live potted tree can be in a warm home. After that, the risk of the tree drying out is too great. The lights are also a consideration – you do not want lights that give off too much heat as this too will take the much needed moisture from the branches.



Be sure to consult with your local tree grower to ensure the type of tree you are considering will do well on your property when it comes time to plant it.

But if you don’t have the space or the inclination to deal with planting a real tree after the holiday season, you might want to plan your family outing to a tree farm in the area.

Potash Creek Farms is just one example. Situated in Omemee, you can enjoy the scenery while you search for the perfect tree.

Neither herbicides nor pesticides are used and during the summer you will see sheep grazing to trim the grass rather than gas powered lawn machinery.


You will find a wide selection of trees:

  • Wild Norway spruce in the 10 to 20 foot range
  • White spruce and Scots pine in the 6 to 7 foot range
  • Pre-cut balsam fir in the 6 to 8 foot range.

You will also find fresh hand-made wreaths, painted gourds as well as other gifts from selected vendors.

Visit them online at http://potashcreekfarms.blogspot.ca/ or in person at:

Potash Creek Farms 400 Grassy Rd. RR1 Omemee, Ontario K0L2W0


No matter where you buy your special tree on Saturday December 3rd – or any other day – keep these tips in mind:

  • Although it sounds so obvious, be sure to actually measure the space you have designated for your tree. It is amazing how a tree can appear to be smaller than you think when you are outdoors. You don’t want to end up like National Lampoon’s Griswolds!
  • Freshness is key. Run your fingers along the branches to be sure the needles stay on the tree – not in your hand. You should also be able to bend a branch without breaking it (unless the tree is frozen).
  • The tree should be a rich green in color and have a rich fragrance.

Happy tree hunting!

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