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Your pets will probably be spending more time outdoors with the warmer weather approaching.  Spring is the time to think about some proactive health care for your dog or cat including prevention for flees and heart worm disease. Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic is here to help make this a healthy spring and summer for your pets.

Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic is a 24/7 Animal Hospital providing veterinary services to Kawartha Lakes and the surrounding areas – just a short drive from downtown Bethany.


Founded in 1995 by Dr. Richard Maser, the lead veterinary doctor and practice owner of the clinic, Cavan Hills employs a team of over 30 highly qualified doctors, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants. The team of professionals is trained to provide the best possible medical attention to their pet patients.

Some of the services available at Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic include emergency care, preventative medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic services, radiology services, surgical and anaesthesia services, dentistry, laboratory, bathing and individualized flea control programs, permanent identification, pharmacy, dietary counselling, behavioural counselling and boarding.

One of the main features that set Cavan Hills apart from other veterinary clinics is their unique approach to disease treatment. They always stress the importance of preventative care and encourage pet owners to ask questions and express their concerns. This ensures the staff is able to assist their pet owning clients in better understanding the needs of their pets. At Cavan Hills they conveniently have all their medical amenities and services under one roof.


Senior pets have many unique challenges: obesity, arthritis, dental disease, cancer, incontinence, cognitive issues, renal disease, heart problems, diabetes, hearing and vision loss – alas, they are some of the same challenges many of us encounter as we age!

Dr. Maser notes, “As dogs are living longer, we are seeing more ailments that we tend to associate with older humans.”  A strong focus on preventive care, an emphasis on dogs as family members, improved nutrition, and spaying and neutering have all contributed to canine longevity.

Cavan Hills hopes Kawartha Lake pet owners will consider them when choosing the best possible care for their pet. They have an informative website (www.cavanhillsvet.com) which provides visitors with a clear sense of their services and offers health care information that will support them in caring for their pets.

If you happen to have a situation that requires emergency veterinary services, you can call local 705-944-5776 or toll free 1-800-501-5967.  You will have the peace of mind knowing Cavan Hills charges no additional fees for emergencies or after hours care. They are there to help!

Call them anytime day or night, 24/7.

Cavan Hills Veterinary Services


303 Hwy 7A,Cavan, ON, L0A 1C0 – Phone : (705) 944-5776

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