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How far would you have to travel to see a film festival with…

  • 59 documentaries from 25 countries, with 28 Canadian films, including 10 by local filmmakers.
  • 2 Oscar-shortlisted documentaries, 22 visiting filmmakers, live performances, community discussions, and several social events and visual displays
  • Performers from Circus Without Borders performing a live acrobatics.
  • Poetry readings, an album release, a performance by Unity, and a benefit for Standing Rock with local indigenous musicians and poets.
  • Discussions focused on homelessness, transgender youth, climate change, and Syria.

…Toronto? Los Angeles? New York?

No, you just have to travel to Peterborough January 26 to 29 to attend the 13th annual ReFrame Film Festival.

ReFrame’s Vision – “To build strong, sustainable, and engaged community audiences for film and art that explore and document issues of human rights and social justice, from the local to the global; to use film and art to provide educational opportunities and encourage activism and thoughtful debate.”

Local films premiering include:

  • Towns End,a documentary about the closing of the Douro General Store,
  • Oshkigmong: A Place Where I Belong, the story of Curve Lake First Nation,
  • Dreams of Electric City, a stop-motion, kaleidoscopic tour of Peterborough.


The five feature films require individual tickets. The films highlight a diverse range of topics from the impacts of the cargo shipping industry to an Iranian poetry festival and Mongolia’s first female eagle hunter in a dozen years to the desks of New York Times obituary writers.

Aaju Peter will be the keynote speaker. She is also the subject of Angry Inuk, a feature film which examines the struggle Inuit people face in maintaining their right to hunt seal.


The seal is the lifeblood for Inuit. Celebrity environmentalists have tried to stop the seal hunt but a new generation of Inuit youth are fighting back through social media.

The Eagle Huntress is also a feature film, telling the story of a 13-year-old girl, Aisholpan, who becomes the first girl to train one of the fastest moving animals on earth – an Eagle. You can experience the journey of this young person who is undaunted by the seven foot wingspans and razor sharp talons of the eagle. Stunning cinematography completes the movie.



Daytime passes, providing access to films before 7:30 p.m. are $30 per person, or $20 for students or low-income earners.

Tickets will be sold separately for the five evening films this year to guarantee seating for all ticket holders and reduce line ups. Tickets to evening shows are $10 each for daytime pass holders and $15 for those without a daytime pass. 

Tickets are available at Peterborough GreenUp Store on Aylmer St., Happenstance Books and Yarn in Lakefield or online at www.reframefestival.ca





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