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Celebrating the 25 Year Anniversary of the 4TH LINE THEATRE!

4th Line Theatre is a Canadian theatre group specializing in outdoor productions of original plays with historic and cultural significance.

The Theatre company was created and founded by Robert Winslow in 1992. Mr. Winslow explains, “4th Line has a mandate to tell stories about our history that are not well known but are interesting, especially untold stories about a rural area.” He is still surprised at the public’s appetite for historical plays.

Mr. Winslow had an established career in the more usual theatrical venues. However, he created 4TH Line Theatre on a farm – 25 years ago which was almost in the middle of nowhere. He had inherited his family’s 150-year-old farm, wasn’t sure how to keep it going, and was finding traditional indoor theatre “depressing.” So he arrived at a solution that would see him through to 25 seasons.


He embraced the challenge to create theatre out in the country in southeastern Ontario.  The setting is idyllic, rural and oh so very Canadian! The company present plays written by and about Canadians, including small town stories and broad national sagas – all written to touch a nerve with the audience.

And the weather may touch a nerve as well! The natural setting includes chipmunks, the chatter of birds and of course the sun and rain. “There’s no controlling the environment. You are in it. You are a part of it.”

The season will open with the highly anticipated world premiere of Maja Ardal’s The Hero of Hunter Street playing June 28 to July 23, 2016. In August, 4th Line will remount Alex Poch-Goldin’s wildly popular The Bad Luck Bank Robbers, inspired by Grace Barker’s book of the same name, and running from August 2 to 27, 2016. Managing Artistic Director Kim Blackwell Blackwell will direct both productions.

The theatre is located in Millbrook – a great place to spend a summer afternoon. The village is centrally located – 15 minutes from Bethany, a half hour north of Port Hope, 20 minutes west of Peterborough, or just over an hour from Toronto.


Millbrook was settled in 1816 and prospered for decades before losing many inhabitants to new settlements out west, riding the rail lines that had bypassed Millbrook. Today the village offers a glimpse back into those earlier times. Many of the downtown buildings look much the same as when they were erected following the Great Fire of 1875.

Enjoy the day in Millbrook and the evening at the 4TH Line Theatre. A variety of ticket prices and packages are available including dining or picnic options. For ticket information visit: 4th Line Theatre Ticket Info.

And for more information on the Theatre go to http://www.4thlinetheatre.on.ca/ and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/4thlinetheatre.

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Meet Puddle Duck Farm owners Merridy Senior and Eben Hancock. Puddle Duck is a 100-year-old farm, purchased by the pair in 2012. Since then they have filled their days with working on house and barn improvements, caring for animals including cows, chickens, ducks, goats, and two cats. And in 2013 baby Sawyer joined the family.



The couple is not new to farming though. They actually began in 2009 when they became involved with running a local sugar bush just outside of Millbrook. The following spring, they added honeybee hives and discovered beekeeping. Finding Puddle Jump Farm to purchase was the next logical step.  

Now they focus on:  

Cut flowers – they planted 10,000 Gladiola bulbs the first year! Since then they have added sunflowers, zinnias, strawflowers, and asters. You can find their bouquets at the farm, community events, local markets, flower shops and the grocery store. 

Honey – their bees gather pollen and nectar from the wildflowers on the property. The Honey is unpasteurized and available in both liquid and cream form.  

Maple products – they have approximately 2000 taps to produce maple syrup at a sugar bush just outside of Millbrook. It takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup! In addition to maple syrup they produce maple butter, maple sugar candies, and granulated maple sugar.


If that was not enough, they also produce organic freezer meat and free range eggs.  All of the produce is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers. 

Puddle Duck Farm also participates in a community farm, but that will be featured in another post!  

Connect with Puddle Duck Farm on Facebook at


Call them at (705) 931-5794
Visit the farm at 541 Glamorgan Rd., Millbrook, Ontario.

Send them an email puddleduckfarm@nexicom.net





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The Peterborough Men’s Ball Hockey Association is an 18+ ball hockey league and they are looking for more players! Sign up as a team or an individual.

Here is a picture of last years champions – The Red Rockets!


 The league has been running for 8 years and they are partnered with the Ontario Ball Hockey Association.

 They play games out of the Milbrook arena every Tuesday night between 7pm – 10pm, starting April 19th, and running until August 16th. 

4 Needlers Lane, Millbrook, On, L0A 1G0

The fee to play is $1800 per team or $115 per individual.

For more info connect with Codie McColl at codiemccoll10@hotmail.com




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Our Local Lions’ Den Raises Funds for Worthwhile Projects

The Millbrook and District Lions Club celebrated their 68th Anniversary in January. The local Lions Club was formed in 1948 thanks to the organization and commitment of forty-two men from the township. They were sponsored by the Peterborough Lions Club. Today the Club is among the Lions’ Club International network that has a presence in over 200 countries.


The Lion’s Community Centre, Millbrook


The Club’s first action was to raise money from draws to purchase glasses for a young girl and to help a needy family in the village. The theme of preventing blindness and assisting the visually impaired has become a focus for Lions Clubs throughout the world as a result of a challenge from Helen Kellar in 1925 to be her “Knights of the Blind in the fight against darkness.”

Locally, the Lions support the vision and hearing screening program as a free service for children in JK and SK.

The screening identifies children at risk of potential vision loss that is preventable. Parents are notified to follow up with their family physician for a more complete screening.

Screening provides initial information on:

  • how well the child can see with each eye,
  • how well he or she can see at a distance,
  • how well both eyes work together (depth perception),
  • potential risk of developing amblyopia (“lazy eye”),
  • vision problems that can delay reading and learning.

A yearly eye exam is covered by OHIP for children under 18; it is highly recommended that visits to an optometrist become part of your child’s health routine.

If you have a child in JK and/or SK at the following schools which this Lions Club serves, please be sure to sign the permission form.

  • Millbrook South Cavan PS,
  • North Cavan PS,
  • James Strath PS,
  • Roger Neilson PS,
  • St Alphonsus CES.

The Club also collects eye glasses from the community that are then recycled for those who do not have access to them. If you have old glasses, please contact the Club to see where you can drop them off.


Support the fundraising efforts of Millbrook and District Lions Club by attending their Sunday Breakfasts on March 27 and April 24rth.

March 2016

Sunday Breakfasts March 27, 2016 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM $8 Children 5 and under free County Road 10 and Larmer Line, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
April 2016

Sunday Breakfasts April 24, 2016 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM $8 Children 5 and under free County Road 10 and Larmer Line, 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Want to volunteer?

The Club meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at the Lions Community Centre 920 (Larmer Line) Cty. Rd. #10 Millbrook On.

Leave a message on the Lions Den answering machine at 705-944-5393 to find out more about joining.

Need a meeting room? You can also Rent the Lion’s Den. Email: LionSteve45@nexicom.net for information.

Follow the Club’s activities on their website at


…Or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MillbrookAndDistrictLionsClub

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Celebrate Hockey Day in Downtown Millbrook at the Annual 4 on 4 Road Hockey Tournament on February 6, 2016!


Artwork is courtesy of the Millbrook Times  – http://www.TheMillbrookTimes.ca

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