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– second in the three part series on Bethany councilor

“Mrs Stauble has been there for us since the beginning and fights tirelessly.”

When Councillor and former Reeve David Marsh decided to step down from his seat of 25 years in 2010, he left big shoes to fill.  Heather Stauble was eager to fill them.

A focus for Ms. Stauble has been and continues to be her opposition to the proposed wind turbines in the area.  Her ward has been front and centre in the debate about the wind turbines since the issue was raised, with the public under Ms. Stauble’s leadership taking an active part of protesting them in the area.

She states the inefficiency and expense of the turbines as a main detriment, along with the disruption of the tranquility of the area.

Bethany is part of the Oak Ridge Moraine, famous for the scenic, rolling hills and peaceful lifestyle for both those living in the communities and wildlife in the countryside.  The noise and astounding height of the turbines (comparable to a fifty story building) will undoubtedly impact every aspect of the environment of the area, without enough of a positive return for the community.

Based on research, Ms. Stauble doesn’t believe wind turbines have much value; small, personal models can store wind power in their batteries and be used in remote areas but with the turbines getting bigger, wind power produced can’t be stored.  They also require a backup of coal or natural gas when the wind isn’t blowing.

On a positive note, Ms. Stauble feels optimistic about Health Canada’s recent announcement that it will do a study on the noise effect of wind turbines.

“It’s really significant for us,” she says.  “It’s not easy to get Health Canada to do a research study.”

I have plans to try and persuade Councillor Stauble to do a guest post for me in the near future with the hope her extensive knowledge of wind turbines can educate others far more effectively than I could.

Part 3 coming soon

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