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Part 3 – Councillor Heather Stauble on Bethany

Live, Stay and Play

Along with her focus on the wind turbine issue, I discussed other matters concerning Bethany with Ms. Stauble, as well as her hopes and plans for the area.

*There are plans to continue to improve roads and opportunities for agri-business.  Helping to promote business leads to more jobs for the area and an improved lifestyle for everyone.

hwy 407

Highway 407 expansion map

*The expansion of Highway 407 in the future will help with the commute to the GTA, as will the GO Train coming into the area, with a stop in nearby Cavan.

grain elevator

grain elevator in Pontypool, Ontario

*There is talk of the Manvers Historical Society restoring the grain elevator in Pontypool, a welcome sight for everyone.

*Hopes for a Farmers’ Market in Bethany.  Along with locally grown products, the area has such a rich artistic culture (link to studio tour)     that an arts and crafts section of a market would bring in fans and more traffic.

*Continual promotion of local businesses.  There are quite a few local businesses proving exemplary services for the community and those    passing through.  A few examples are Southpond, Me vs We, Heaven on Seven – just to name a few.  All need constant support, promotion and encouragement.

Councillor Stauble would like Bethany to be a place people can come back to.  She wants others to help, encourage and improve the community, to allow others to see the many positive aspects for the community.  Her motto is to live, stay and play in Bethany.

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