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If you have never seen the Musical Ride of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police make sure you have tickets for the event to take place at Peterborough’s Morrow Park on September 7th


The Musical Ride is a formal event showcasing the equestrian skills performed by 32 cavalry who are regular members of the RCMP. You will witness an amazing performance, consisting of intricate figures and drills – all choreographed to music. These movements demand the utmost control, timing and coordination…a spectacular accomplishment for the riders let alone the 32 horses.

The event is held in Canada and worldwide to promote the RCMP. The first official ride was held in 1887 in Regina, District of Assiniboia. Members of the North-West Mounted Police were able to display their riding ability and entertain the local community. It has evolved over the decades into a uniquely Canadian performance enjoyed by tens of thousands of spectators every year.

It is now performed in up to 50 communities across Canada between the months of May and October.

The special event helps to raise thousands of dollars for local charities and non-profit organizations. The show in Peterborough will benefit the PARD Therapeutic Riding program – not only as a fundraising opportunity – but also as a way to raise awareness about PARD. Horses are the core of PARD’s program, providing the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of therapeutic riding to individuals regardless of age, ability, or financial means. 

“The show is something every Canadian should see in their lifetime,” says PARD president Angie Muir. “For me, the RCMP Musical Ride is a symbol of patriotic pride and this is a rare opportunity to see them.  The tour brings them to Ontario every four years, and it’s been almost 30 years since they were in Peterborough. I think it is a tremendous honour to welcome them to our beautiful city again.”

Members of the Musical Ride are first and foremost police officers. They all have at least two years’ experience in active police work before volunteering for duty with the Musical Ride. Surprisingly, most have no prior riding experience. The riders act as ambassadors of goodwill, promoting the RCMP’s image, heritage and traditions throughout Canada and all over the world.

Queen Elizabeth II takes a keen and highly knowledgeable interest in horses. As the Honorary Commissioner of the RCMP she has been presented with four horses as gifts from the Force.


In addition to the show on Sept. 7, area residents will have an opportunity to see the RCMP horses up close while they are housed in Peterborough for six days in the fairground barns. Ryan Moore, President of the Peterborough Agricultural Society, is excited to extend a warm welcome to everyone to visit the barns and see the horses.


Get your tickets today!

PARD Therapeutic Riding

Email: info@pard.ca

Phone: (705) 742-6441

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