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A new school year has just begun, and children and teens are excited and nervous as they find out what the year has in store for them. But if you’re planning to locate to Bethany in the future you should have nothing to be nervous about if you have school age children. Bethany boasts some of the most well respected public schools in Ontario.

Bethany Ontario Blog Rolling Hills Public School

Rolling Hills Public School, Bethany Ontario

Most of Bethany’s public school students attend schools which are part of the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. In total the TLDSB manages 48 schools – 41 elementary and 7 secondary – and 7 Adult Education and Training Centres for persons looking to upgrade their skills or learn something new. However, most students in Bethany attend 1 of 3 public schools: grades Junior Kindergarten to 4 attend Grandview Public School, grades 5 – 8 attend Rolling Hills Public School, and secondary students are bussed to I.E. Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay, just outside of Bethany.

Grandview PS “is a supportive and respectful partnership connecting students, staff, families, and the community.” In the mid-1990s the opening of Rolling Hills PS allowed Grandview to limit its grades to JK through 4 in order to reduce class sizes and ensure children reach their fullest potential before heading down the road to Rolling Hills. The school’s aim is that all students gain “the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to be critical thinkers as well as caring members of our society.”

Bethany Ontario Blog Grandview Public School

Grandview Public School in Bethany, Ontario

Rolling Hills PS was first opened in 1996 and emphasizes service learning and the incorporation of social justice issues into the curriculum. This “leads to the development of students who are well rounded and connected to the challenges and joys of our world.” No wonder the school’s motto is “Making a Difference…one student at a time.”

I.E. Weldon SS was named for Isaac Ernst Weldon (1873-1962), a prominent lawyer who was raised in Lindsay and donated one million dollars to the local school board with the interest generated to be divided among graduating students in the county who were advancing to post-secondary education. Today I.E. Weldon SS is dedicated to an educational program where all students can learn in a safe environment that encourages, challenges, and enables individuals to realize their full potential. Students are taught the skills necessary for them to become life-long learners and succeed in a global and technological society.

Grandview Public School

698 Hwy. 7A Bethany, ON L0A 1A0

Phone: (705) 277-2322

Email: infogvp@tldsb.on.ca

Web: http://gvp.tldsb.on.ca

Rolling Hills Public School

694 Highway 7A / Hwy 35 Bethany, ON L0A 1A0

Phone: 705-277-9515

Email: inforhp@tldsb.on.ca

Web: http://rhp.tldsb.on.ca/

I.E. Weldon Secondary School

24 Weldon Rd Lindsay, ON K9V 4R4

Phone: (705) 324-3585

Email: infoweldon@tldsb.on.ca

Web: http://iew.tldsb.on.ca/

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Learning in Bethany- A Quick View of Neighbourhood Elementary Schools

Planning on moving your family into Bethany Village?  Here’s some information about Grandview Public School and Rolling Hills Public School.

Grandview Public School

Grandview Public School

Grandview Public School in Bethany, Ontario

Grandview is a JK-Grade 4 school with 290 students.   The two elementary school have been organized Jk-4 and grades 5-8 for the last 15 years, when the new school was built.

This year the school has 5 blended Jk/SK classes with students attending school on alternate days.  Grandview Public School also favours the newly implemented ‘Balanced School Day’.   Rather than breaking up the day with the traditional recess/ lunch breaks, a balanced school day operates by breaking up the blocks of learning times by nutrition breaks.  There is no change to the number of teaching minutes per day, nor do the students miss out on recess minutes.   Some of the benefits to this new system are

  • Fewer behaviour problems
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Improved student learning

Grandview has the usual extra-curricular activities, but two struck me as interesting for a public school – weaving and playing the ukele!

The school fosters a close relationship between home and school, believing that parental involvement can only lead to a greater success for all.

Rolling Hills Public School

Rolling Hills Public School

Rolling Hills Public School

Rolling Hills Public School consists of grades 5-8 and has 230 students in attendance.   They also favour the ‘Balanced School Day’.

The school seems to be extremely community services orientated with the MAD – Making a Difference – Crew being at the centre of school activities.   The new principal at Rolling Hills, Sheila Shauf tells me she is very impressed by the participation of students, staff and parents in the community service events.   Another fundraising activity the students are involved in is Hoops for Hope and the parents at the school host a Festival Dinner with help from local businesses. The students strive for a high level of academic excellence along with their extra-curricular activities.  They recently gathered over 1800 pounds of food for a food drive!

I checked out the school websites and was very impressed with the individual teacher’s websites.  They included information on homework assignments, what’s ahead and special days and events.  During this time that so many teachers are taking a ‘pause’ from extra-curricular activities, to find so many at one school putting their own time and effort into something which would be so refreshing for students and parents.

Check out the schools at Grandview and  Rolling Hills 

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