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The Buddhist Association of Canada is building a massive Cham Shan Buddhist Retreat Temple on Ski Hill Road, just outside of Bethany and thirty minutes south of Peterborough. The Temple will be a re-creation of the Sacred Mountains of China. It is currently under construction, with a projected price tag of $80 million.

After seeing the photos which are breathtaking (see link below), you will soon realize why this project is going to take over 20 years to complete. It will be the largest Buddhist temple outside of China. Tourism in the area will certainly have a boost with the estimated 45,000 visitors expected annually from around the world.


If you already live in Bethany or are considering moving here then you will appreciate the three factors that helped to identify Bethany as the perfect location for this spectacular achievement: the serenity, tranquility and natural environment of the area.

Construction is complex. The wooden portion of the temple was built in China, taken apart and shipped to Canada. Builders will not be using nails or cement but rather interlocking rosewood brackets. This helps to explain why it will take 2 years to put the temple frame back together.

When complete, the site will include a meditation centre, gift shop, accommodations and a restaurant.

You can view the photos of the construction of the Temple at http://www.ptbocanada.com/journal/2014/7/4/here-are-photos-of-a-cham-shan-buddhist-temple-being-constructed-near-peterborough


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