Want to get the kids or grand kids interested in a great outdoor activity? Why  not take them to the Peterborough Greenwing Fishing Derby on April 29th, 2017. The event is hosted by Ducks Unlimited Canada. Joanne Barbazza, head of outreach and communications for Ducks Unlimited, said the event is “a way to get children to learn the sport of fishing and hopefully start them on the road to making it a lifelong passion.”





Boys and girls 15 years and younger will have the chance to fish for prizes on the 29th. The fish should be biting too! About 5,000 fish will be released into the water before the event starts. Many of the fish will have been tagged for prizes. Participants could win fishing rods, reels, tackle boxes, camping equipment and mountain bikes.


Join hundreds of families on the Trent Severn Waterway, just below the Peterborough Lift Lock for all of the fun. “The weather’s looking good and it’s going to be an exciting day,” said event co-chairman Gordon Bowley.


Children (and adults) will learn about waterfowl, wildlife and wetland conservations in addition to fishing. And children who register for the derby will automatically become members in Ducks Unlimited’s Greenwing program.  


“Greenwing Day” is only open to children 15 years of age and younger on the 29th. Registration is $15 for the first child and $5 for each additional child per family. Fees from children’s registration go toward the Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Greenwing programs involved in conservation awareness. Children must be accompanied by an adult and be wearing a life jacket. Instant prizes for tagged fish will be awarded to registered Greenwing participants from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm only. On-site registration begins at 8:00 am.  Lunch will also be provided to registered Greenwing participants, including a hotdog, drink, cake and ice cream.



“Adult Fishing” is open April 30th 2017 through May 5th 2017 to all registered participants. Adults and youth 16 years and over can register a cost of $15.00 each. All registration costs must be paid in cash on the day of registration. 


To pre-register for the Greenwing Derby, get your forms at:

   Canadian Tire’s Lansdowne Street and Chemong Road locations

   Bridgenorth Sports and Marine on Garthorne Ave

   Peterborough Bait and Tackle

   Or download and complete the form and bring it with you to the event http://ww3.ducks.ca/NATURAL/98747041.PDF


“Get yourself hooked, come out and catch some fun.”






Come visit Bethany Village at the Durham Home Show this weekend!

April 21st – 23rd at the MCKINNEY CENTRE, Whitby.

Visit the home show website for 2 for 1 tickets!




The Bethany Village booth was very busy this past weekend at the Clarington Home Show!

Congrats and welcome to Heather, Greg and Greyson, our latest lot purchasers!




Julia and Adam stopped by the Bethany Village booth at the Clarington Home Show on the weekend and purchased a lot in our Horizon’s Phase!

Congrats, and welcome to Bethany Village!





We live in a beautiful, resource rich area. It can be shocking then to realize that food insecurity is a real problem…even in our communities. According to Roberta Sommerville, Executive Director of Kawartha Lakes Food Source, 1600 – 2100 people of whom 40% are children, use the food bank on a monthly basis in the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Kawartha Lakes Food Source is a community effort to reduce hunger in the City of Kawartha Lakes. They do this by maintaining a central warehouse to supply food to organizations that provide food to individuals in need. Local food banks provide short term relief for emergency situations. Volunteers at public food banks assess each client’s income and expenses. If they have less than $200 left over each month after expenses, they are eligible for food.

Who uses food banks? Seniors, families with young children, and people who are employed but do not earn enough to make ends meet.

“Ontario’s income gap between the richest and poorest families is now at levels not seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s…. Fifteen per cent of Ontario’s children live below the Low Income Measure, according to Statistics Canada . 

Statistics Canada reports a staggering 34% of older Canadians  (65+) who live on their own are at nutritional risk and financially insecure. Many seniors struggle to meet their basic needs of housing, food and other essentials.

23% of Kawartha Lakes and 28% of County of Haliburton residents are over the age of 65. It is important that we are vigilant in monitoring and addressing food security for our older neighbours.

It’s Easy to Help Out!

There are a variety of ways you can get involved with Kawartha Lakes Food Support to play an active role, helping to feed the hungry.


You can make a donation through cash, cheque, Master Card, Visa or make a donation of food. Financial donations go a long way – a donation of $10 turns into the distribution of $60 worth of food!


Have a Food Drive

It’s easy to sponsor a food drive. You can collect food items in lieu of gifts for your birthday or anniversary. Have a challenge at work. Encourage your kids to get involved and have a food drive at their school.



There are no shortages of jobs for volunteers. Everything from sorting food, stocking shelves, coordinating events, picking up food donations, driving, or working on a committee. People are needed who have skills in marketing, finance, coaching, public speaking – or simply people who are hard workers. You can see more detail about volunteering on the website at http://kawarthalakesfoodsource.com/how-to-help/.

There are 9 local food banks in the Kawartha Lakes. You can find the full list at http://kawarthalakesfoodsource.com/find-a-food-bank/.

In a three-month period, the Food Source provides 11,000 servings of milk, fresh fruit and healthy snacks such as granola bars to hungry schoolchildren in 20 of our local schools. That would not be possible without donations and volunteers.





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Did you know that ‘Birding’ or bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in North America. There are more than 450 different kinds of birds in Canada alone. The numbers and variety provide endless hours for enthusiasts who want to simply watch, monitor, feed, film or photograph.

According to Drew Monkman, creator of the website “Our Changing Seasons, A Nature Almanac of the Kawartha Lakes District of Ontario”,  local residents are getting a great head start on spring migration. Tundra Swans have been enjoying the spring weather. There were 27 seen just last week on Lake Chemong and in the Peterborough area south of Hwy 2.


Birders who enjoy watching water fowl have seen Wood Ducks, Hooded Mergansers, Bufflehead and of course Canada Geese. Others, used to looking up to the skies are enjoying Hawk migration, Turkey Vultures, Peregrine Falcons, Northern Saw-Whet Owls and Eastern Screech Owls.

For enthusiasts the possibility of a nesting pair of Bald Eagles southwest of Bobcaygeon is exciting!

Where would you get started? Kyla Makela with Bird Studies Canada says to start in your back yard! And guess what? You can even download an app to help. The Merlin Bird ID app  is free to download. It walks you through basic bird identification including the size of the bird, it’s color, where you are seeing it and what it’s doing. From four simple questions it’s able to provide a really good guess on what bird you’re seeing.

Drew is also the co-author of a new book, “Big Book of Nature Activities…” for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers to help youth of all ages – as well as adults – explore, appreciate and connect with the natural world.”


Birding and books about our outdoor environment support a step in the right direction for engaging our children – and ourselves – in the world around us. Many species in nature including birds are endangered. Our community provides the perfect back drop to develop a new hobby.